Rhythms Create Results. Are you in Rhythm or Out of it?

Aug 12 2016 posted by Conscious Planet
Rhythms Create Results. Are you in Rhythm or Out of it?

Rhythms Create Results. If you find yourself struggling to get anywhere you want to be, chances are you are out of rhythm.

Days have rhythms, seasons have rhythms and nature has rhythms. When we’re out of rhythm with our own nature, life can feel like a complicated struggle. When out of rhythm all choices, no matter how big or small can create a lot of stress in the body.

The mind is unable to focus or make decisions and knowing what one wants is a sloppy mess.

It is nearly impossible to be productive AND create with quality when out of rhythm. Everything has this flaily, stress-filled energy behind it(which can be felt, even in writing)and accessing our creative potential is not possible.

What are the daily rhythms in your day-to-day life and how do they support or sabotage your goals and aspirations?

If you were to start fresh now, how would you design your rhythms?

What would be things you’d do regularly to move you forward with your health, as well as with your business aspirations?

If you want to see yourself blast full steam ahead, give yourself rhythms that your body, mind and creativity can count on. It is like building a muscle, and if you show up enough times to that dedicated space you’ve created (in your schedule), you’ll find yourself easily getting into the zone.

I recommend even adding a little ritual to the space you create.

Our presence + intentions add power to everything we do.
It is a great practice for opening up the work flow space.
This is what I call,consciously getting in the zone!
My favorite place to create from…

Creating a healthy new rhythm in your life is like learning to meditate, which can be very hard without the proper knowledge, training or tools.

Your first attempts may be hard as hell. A lot of resistance tends to come up and it feels almost pointless to even be trying. However, if you show up every single day it eventually becomes easy and that clear, connected space can be accessed in a matter of a moments – even while driving in LA traffic jams.

If you need help meditating, click here.

Figure out your commitment to yourself and find a way to support that commitment by integrating it into your daily life.

You may need to ask for support in the beginning, and that is okay!

A good example is, if you want to learn the guitar, it’s far better to pick it up and practice for 10-minutes per day rather than once a week for 60-minutes. Growing your business, improving your health or exercising are the same way. You need consistency to gain momentum.

The tortoise beat the hare one step at a time. Slow and steady will win your race! So if reading this has made you realize you’re out of rhythm, be gentle on yourself and start here. Happy new now!

Journalling Questions:

1. What is ONE new rhythm or habit that I'm 100% COMMITTED to incorporating into my daily routine starting in the next 24 hours?

2. What is ONE self sabotaging habit or rhythm that I'm 100% COMMITTED to letting go of, starting now?

There is a time and a place for "being in the flow and waiting for the Universe to deliver." However, I have learned over the years that the thing that gets you the life and results you want is hard work, focus, dedication and daily practice.

Your future self thanks you for creating consistent rhythms that support your success and goals.

Written by: Bradley T Morris.

For more about Bradley, check out www.TheGreateCourseAdventure.comor www.BradleyTMorris.com