Magnetic Resonance Stimulation for Well Being of Humans and Animals

Aug 26 2016 posted by Conscious Planet
Magnetic Resonance Stimulation for Well Being of Humans and Animals

Are you stressed out? In pain? Chronically Ill?

Your problem may be "electro smog."

The human body has vital needs for daily sustenance, vitality and health. Life cannot persist long without food, water, or oxygen.

As you will realize in this article, there is a fourth vital need: low-level electromagnetism.

The primary mode of delivery for this gentle energy is the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. These fields have extremely low frequencies and intensities and, in regards to our health, have largely escaped our notice.

But in the last 130 years with the advent and proliferation of biologically incompatible man-made energetic frequencies and intensities (referred to as EMF’S or electro smog), our health has come under siege. In absolute terms there is a worldwide increase in stress, depression, insomnia, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, and cancer, just to name a few.

The ever-increasing presence of electro-pollution in our environment is interfering with the Earth’s low-level, natural electromagnetism our bodies need to thrive in the fullness of health.

Research has shown that low energy pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) within the frequency range of "the biological window” (3-25Hz), as well as the inner and outer wave patterns of the Earth’s magnetic field (7.83-11.79Hz) can produce remarkable positive changes within the body.

The term "magnetic resonance stimulation” simply indicates that by applying a pulsating electromagnetic field that matches the Earth’s magnetic field, nearly all 75 trillion cells of the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance.

As a result, the pulsed frequency "charges” the membrane of every cell with energy to improve health by supporting normal cellular function. Oscillating in resonance, the cells communicate better. Thus this energy enhances the self-healing powers of the body.

History – more than 3500 years ago some ancient cultures used the healing power of magnets and were used to heal different illnesses. The Egyptians have been researching the correlation and impact of the earth’s magnetic field on humans and animals for a very long time and have understood the medical importance of magnetic field therapy.

More recently, there has been an explosion in scientific research pertaining to pulsating electromagnetic fields. Today there are many thousands of research articles in scientific journals worldwide reporting on the beneficial results of applications with magnetic resonance stimulation on humans and animals in the arena of health and wellness.

For example, it has been reported that the first astronauts to travel into space beyond the earth’s electromagnetic field found that after a short time in space their bodily functions and organs began to breakdown without the pulsation of the earth’s electromagnetic field. Thus PEMF was first used for astronauts in their space suits with remarkable results while in space.

Since then there has been so much increasing awareness of the medical applications for pulsed electromagnetic therapy that many hospitals in Europe, particularly in Germany and Switzerland use pulsed electromagnetic energy for initial treatment in their emergency and trauma rooms before patients see a doctor.

So what are the health benefits of applied magnetic resonance stimulation?

  • Magnetic field therapy has been shown to enhance cell membrane permeability,
  • cell communication,
  • oxygen delivery to cells,
  • increased immune function,
  • protein synthesis,
  • decreased inflammation,
  • increased circulation,
  • lessens harmful EMF damage to the body
  • restores vitality and intelligence to the body.

You may be asking how can electrical magnetic frequencies cause so much harm and so much good?

We know that the most fundamental physical force in the universe is electro-magnetism. Our bodies are electromagnetic and we are naturally connected to the earth’s electromagnetic field. We would not survive on this planet without this frequency called Schumann Waves that pulse wave energy around 8 Hz.

The ancients were aware of this electromagnetic energy and called it the sacred circuit because they knew all life depended on this.

What is happening today that is interfering immensely with the earth’s natural resonance, is all the higher (dangerous) electromagnetic frequencies. These higher wave frequencies are negatively affecting life on the planet.

Our bodies were not meant to be in the higher Hz frequencies.For example, anxiety sits between 21.5 – 30 Hz.

These EMF’s are affecting the radar of birds, bees and many other species as well as humans. If our bodies are blocked from natural exposure from the earth’s resonance wave energy (e.g. due to living and working in buildings constructed with concrete, steel and metal alloys, driving in cars on paved roads, by the electro-pollution of ultra-high frequency radiations from cell phones, microwave energy, not just from microwave ovens, wireless phone and computer networks, and radar/satellite signals,etc) we are more susceptible to illness, loss of cell membrane integrity, compromised immunity, and depression.

Recorded dips in the Earth’s Schumann resonances have had strong correlations to heart attacks, car accidents, and a general increase in the death rate. (Beck 1992).

I personally can give a testimony that supports the statement that harmful side effects of EMF’s, (man-made, dangerously high electrical magnetic frequencies) can be reduced and neutralized with the application of pulsed electrical magnetic therapy.

Just recently Charles and I had a weeks vacation in Penticton, BC and we stayed at the Best Western Hotel a few blocks from the beach because we love Lake Skaha, and we are beach bums in the summer.

On the first night we got into bed I could hear and feel a pumping sensation coming through the wall by our bed and I said to Charles I think this is going to be a problem for me. The pumping was also vibrating the floor in our bedroom. It went on all night non stop and finally I crawled out of bed at 2am and went into the other room to sit on couch and it was worse in there.

Have you ever walked into a main frame computer room where you felt dirty heat, you could smell dirty electricity and your body started to vibrate, not in a good way? Well that was what I was feeling coming through the wall. I waited until 7am and then went to the front office to see if we could change rooms because our room was right next to the Mechanical Room.

When I told the gal at the desk that I was feeling ill from the electricity and pool pump, she looked at me like I had a dunce hat on my head and exclaimed, that room had been rented all summer and nobody else had complained. I told her I didn’t care and that this was real for me. She was sorry there were no other vacancies and that if a room became available she would let us know. So we had to spend another night feeling terrorized. In the morning Charles took one look at me and he exclaimed, "that’s it” and down to the front desk he trotted to raise a little hot energy of his own.

They moved us to another room that day, but here's the clincher…. as I’m walking back to our old room, the door to the mechanical room is open and I step inside to see what was coming through my wall for two nights. I was shocked as I stood frozen in place. There were 4 Smart Meters lined up on the other side of our bedroom wall. No wonder I was having sharp chest pains, my heart was racing, my left arm felt numb. My whole body was vibrating.

I contemplated going to emergency to get my heart stabilized at one point, But then I remembered our Omnium mat. We had brought it with us, in fact, we don’t leave home without it; we take the Omnium1 everywhere we travel now.

That day I laid on the mat 2 times and by evening, all my scary symptoms had disappeared.

You may be wondering what is this mat thing?

One of the leading companies in this technology, Swiss Bionic Solutions, has simulated the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies in the form of a ‘lie down’ mat for home use.

Swiss Bionic Solutions is based in Switzerland, where they have their manufacturing facility inventing and developing new products in the field of home health care based on the science of energy medicine.

Two such devices that they've made for home use are the IMRS mat (magnetic resonance stimulation) which is Health Canada Certified as a class 2 medical device, and the portable Omnium1 mat (PEMF) pulsed electromagnetic field energy.

This technology has truly been and life-saver and life-changing for us and many others. (living in the city), To find out more about these remarkable home applications, please visit the above links. For further questions you can respond to Charles Holmes email at the top of the link on the home page or call Wind 604-340-9628

Thank you for taking the time to read the CP news.