Healing from EMF Sickness with Technology

Jul 22 2016 posted by Conscious Planet
Healing from EMF Sickness with Technology
About 6 years ago I was starting to feel the effects of EMF's - negative electro-magnetic pollution from wifi, cell phones, cell towers, microwave frequencies in the environment etc.

Living in a high rise apartment for 10 years now, I've been aware for awhile just how inundated I feel with wifi from every direction.

I had been experiencing several bothersome symptoms like chronic headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, confusion, insomnia, and a bit of depression, and what I thought was sciatica.

When I finally met a chiropractor who gave me a diagnosis, he felt the sciatica was mostly emotional and also suggested that I may be suffering from EMF sickness. Yikes, thats what I’d been feeling all along.

He suggested I consider looking into to purchasing an iMRS (magnetic resonance stimulator) Mat.

So Charles and I found a distributor in Vancouver and went to have a session on the iMRS - which is pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies. Magnetic resonance stimulation charges the membrane of every cell in the body with energy to improve health by supporting normal cellular functioning, causing the cells to communicate better.

As soon as I laid down on the mat I could feel my body tingling and after an 8 minute session I felt very calm and renewed in a way I hadn't felt for a long time.

I thought to myself, "What is this feeling I'm experiencing?”

The first thing I noticed was the ringing in my ears was almost gone and the wired feeling that I had just learned to live with had calmed right down and I couldn't feel it anymore. Previously, before the mat I would lie down at night to sleep and my body would be vibrating, but now I get on my mat just before I go to bed and drift off to sleep in a very calmed, relaxed state.

In the morning I wake up feeling rested and still calm to start my day.

That was 6 years ago and I haven't gone a day without treating myself to a session on the mat. I have discovered that all of the symptoms of EMF sickness I was coping with have subsided greatly and I feel restored, energetically… a much happier girl indeed.

Just recently we purchased the Omnium1, which is the same technology only it is portable and operates from an Android pad which means I can travel with the mat. I can use it while I'm driving long distances (greatly reduces the vibration of tires on the road) and I arrive at my destination still refreshed and ready to go.

We take our Omnium1 everywhere we go now. All I do is charge the pad, pack it in the carrying case and I can take it to the beach or simply put it in my gravity chair while I'm watching a movie. The Omnium is such a convenient device to own that I wouldn't do without it.

I would say the most important benefit that I have received from my PEMF mat is that it has assisted in reversing the beginning symptoms on periodontal disease.

My gums were receding and bleeding, some of my teeth were loose because on bone loss and my teeth hurt. I knew iMRS probe would really help to regenerate nerve, bone and gum tissue and so I used it every day for 15 minutes and now when I see the dentist for quarterly cleanings I always receive a report that my teeth have healed and back within normal range.

No more symptoms of periodontal disease.

Wind Walrath
co-Founder of Conscious Planet