Are you living your life in alignment? (an honest check in)

Nov 04 2016 posted by Conscious Planet
Are you living your life in alignment? (an honest check in)

I think no matter what we do for work or what we're up to in our lives, our success and fulfillment comes from alignment.

By alignment, I mean living in such a way where we can honestly say we are in integrity with our core values, vision and life mission.

Answer the following questions honestly. Journaling about your answers is even more powerful:

  • Are youtruly living in alignment with your passion and values?
  • Do youreally believe in what you’re putting out in the world or are you just doing it to pay the bills?
  • Are youtreating your work like it's an art-form or are you just going through the motions?
  • Are you dedicated to personal mastery with your craft or are you looking for a quick, easy payout?
  • Do youthink longterm in your actions and planning or are youstuck in the limitations of month-to-month mode?
  • Is who youwant to be aligned with what youare doing and how you are acting right now?
  • Are youstretching yourself creatively in your life or are youhiding by doing things the same as everyone else?
  • Are youclaiming your unique point of view based on your life experience and desires OR are you regurgitating what everyone else says, does and believes as a way to stay safe.

When living in alignment, the journey of being human is a transformational, exciting, magical, fulfilling one (for us and for the people we touch in our wake).

What is your personal practice for staying in alignment with your core passions, values and intended lifestyle?

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