10 Immediate ways the "Enjoy Life Philosophy" will Benefit you

Aug 19 2016 posted by Conscious Planet
Each moment of each day we have a choice. It's the same choice in all the moments too (which you think would make it easier).

But it's not. It's one of the hardest, most challenging choices we can possibly make.

Making this choice will force us to stretch, grow, be uncomfortable and be fully responsible for our experiences and how we feel about them.

The choice I'm talking about is our choice to genuinely enjoy life.

Not JUST the good parts, but all of it. Even the sadness. Even the grief. Even the frustration or pain we sometimes go through.

Easier said than done, right? We told you, it wasn't an easy choice. But it IS a choice we can make.

We always have the choice to complain, blame, judge and look at all that is negative in our world.

We also always have the choice to be grateful, seek out the good, learn from what challenges us and embrace each day, moment and experience as the adventure I believe life is meant to be.

Here are 10 ways that adopting the "Enjoy life Philosophy" will benefit your health, happiness and relationships...

1) We attract more of the kind of people we want to spend our lives with (like attracts like).

2) We’ll be way healthier, because lets be honest, it doesn’t take a scientist to understand that being happy is good for our health. If you do need a scientist, then check out the Science of Happiness.

3) We’llgo on the most epic adventures and have the best stories to share because in the flow of following our bliss we’ll have so many unforeseen side excursions that willbe unpredictably awesome

4) People will talk behind our backs about how free spirited and amazing we are.

5) We will wake up stoked for the day ahead knowing, that no matter what happens, we're going to embrace it, enjoy it as best we can and at the very least, walk away with some "real moments" or new life lessons.

6) Nobody will tell us who to be or what to do… except for ourselves of course.

7) We will get those sweet wrinkles around our eyes that happy old people have because of the goofy smile we wear.

8) When we look at our calendar we’ll say, "Holy crap I live an awesome life, look at all the LFT’s (Look Forward To’s) I have coming up!

9) Instead of worrying about where to spend our money we’ll be dreaming up cooler ways to spend our time.

10) We will have a deep understanding (through experience) that life or the Universe truly supports us to be happy when we support ourselves to be happy.

Those are just ten of the many reasons for why we should adopt a mindset that no matter what happens, we're going to choose to enjoy and embrace life as it unfolds. Filling our calendars with memorable moments and LFT's (Look Forward Tos') is what keeps us connected to the magic and joy of what it is to be alive.

Living this way requires getting over our old stories that causes us to believe that"life is hard, we’re worthless, that nobody likes us, that we need $_____ to be happy, that _________ happened to me and therefore I can’t follow my passions.”I had a lot of stories that told me living the life of my dreams wasn’t possible. But now I am here doing it, living it and being it. It is 100% possible for all of us.

Some journeys to total fulfillment will be more challenging than others, given your current circumstances (which are impermanent).

However, if anyone is willing to do the work it takes to let go of those self-defeating stories, then they will experience all these benefits and more… and by "doing the work” I mean dropping the negative stories, releasingthe crappy habits or patterns in our lives thatarenot the best use of our time or money, and then making the moment to moment choice to do what what you enjoy OR start enjoying what you are currently doing.

What sort of LFT’s (Look Forward To’s) are you going to start booking into your calendar regularly so you can begin living more of what you want? What are some things you’re committed to dropping right now? Please share with us and pass this article on if it inspired you!