Wellness Quiz

What is holding you back from experiencing your Original Blueprint of Health and Wealth and the ideal lifestyle you deserve?

Step 1: Choose one option for each question below, answer every question, and press submit at the bottom to see your score and to learn your level of health. Then decide if you want to FAST, MED or SLOW Track to your next Level of Health.

Step 2: Sit down and/or speak with the person who referred you and let them help you set up a Free CP Account and review the Back Office videos, systems and information. Get your questions answered, and create CORE … at the Level you are willing and able to apply yourself to “fuel your highest performance.”

Step 3: Pay it Forward… there are many people around you who could benefit from the CP Products, Education & Opportunity … give them a Wellness Quiz, set up their Free CP Account, coach them to get started on creating CORE in their life and achieve the health and wealth results they deserve and help them EAT FOR FREE!

A1) Energy Level
Level of Vital Life Force Energy in the body.

A2) Excercise
Times/week stretching, yoga, low stress, walking, high intensity - low duration

A3) Diet
Percent whole raw vegan alkaline living foods and juicing in diet.

A4) Leisure
Times/week, hobbies, walking in nature, music, art, meditating, me time.

A5) Pain
Average body pH where ideal blood pH is 7.365.

A6) Stress Level
Environment at home and work, its effects and your reactions.

A7) Sleep
How much I sleep and how rested I feel after sleep time

A8) Addictions
Level of addictions to non food items.

B1) Joy Level
Level of happiness experienced daily.

B2) Initiative
Initiative: Ability to act upon ideas and not procrastinate.

B)3 Self Worth
Defined as how good do you feel about yourself.

B4) Organizational Skills
Defined as: How well you use your time and resources.

B5) Family Relations
Defined as how good your communication is and how well you relate to your family.

B6) Focus and Manifesting
Ability to stay focused, follow through and create what I want.

C1 Level Of Consciousness
Defined as: Level of integration of and mangage your resources.

C2) Income & Resource Management
DEfined as: Ability to recieve abundance consciousness.

C3) Personal Growth
Defined as: Level of openess to the process of mastering the life experience.

C4) Career & Life's Work
Defined as: how aware I am of my life purpose serving others through my work.

C5) Relationships and Intimacy
Defined as: The field of energy I hold for myself and others' growth.

Defined as: The ability to choose the lifestyle in your highest good for spiritual growth.