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Homemade Coconut Water Kefir

Homemade Coconut Water Kefir
Oct 27 2015 posted by Conscious Planet 0

October has been our cleansing month and now that we are squeaky clean, we need to replenish our bodies with lots of strong healthy microflora to build up our inner ecosystem. Besides taking Conscious Planet's Colonyze (probiotic) nightly, you'll also want increase your inner immunity by making your own homemade Coconut Water Kefir. The benefits of adding kefir to your diet helps to maintain a healthy inner ecosystem which greatly aids digestion and healthy regular elimination; keeps the immune system strong; gives shiny hair, clear skin, bright eyes and a flat abdomen. Equipment you'll need: Mason glass jars and plastic lids (sold in the canning section of Save-On-Foods, health food stores) Do not use metal lids as metal has been known to react with kefir in a way that yields unhealthful elements in your kefir and besides, the kefir will not ferment properly. Make sure you sterilize all materials that will be coming in contact with the kefir or at the very least, wash and rinse in very hot water. The last thing you want is to cultivate a fresh batch of kefir in a container that has traces of bad bacteria. Plastic or wooden spoon Recipe: In a glass bowl add: 1 liter bottle of thawed, unpasteurized organic young Thai Coconut Water - found in most health food stores in the frozen section. Do not use store varieties of coconut water that has been pasteurized. Best brand to purchase is 'Feeding Change'. The coconut water and coconut meat is frozen until ready to use, then thaw. Kefir Starter pack - you can find these in Choices Markets or other health food stores in the refrigerated sections. 1 single starter package 1 probiotic capsule - open cap and add to bowl of coconut water. Colonyze as a probiotic works great. In fact, you can also get consistent results with less work and expense by using a simple quality probiotic capsule without the starter pack if you have difficulty finding a kefir starter pack. Then you would add two capsules of probiotic instead of one. Try both ways and see which is favorable to you. Mix well with a plastic spoon until the starter and probiotic are dissolved. Pour into mason jars as in the picture below, put the plastic lid on jars. Wrap a towel around jars to keep dark. Place jars in your oven. Close oven door. Turn oven light on and the warmth from the oven light is perfect for helping the fermentation process. Its takes about 36 to 48 hour at most. During this time, the probiotics will feed on the sugar in coconut water and leave a slightly fizzy, sour, exlixir. When completed, store in fridge. Take 1/4 cup with meals which greatly aids digestion. Also 1/2 cup at bedtime will establish a healthy inner ecosystem. Studies show that during sleep overnight, the microflora reproduce faster. In the morning, combine a 1/2 cup of kefir with unsweetened cherry juice or black current juice as a great wake-up tonic. Be healthy, be happy, be smart...make kefir.

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