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You Are What You Eat… Time to Cleanse!

You Are What You Eat… Time to Cleanse!
Oct 07 2015 posted by Conscious Planet 0

October is Cleanse Month here at Conscious Planet, and it has me thinking of the quote by German philosopher, Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, "You are what you eat". From a scientific perspective, our bodies are made up of the foods we ingest and digest, breaking them down into the microscopic building blocks of life (aka amino acids) and then custom building to order the new parts of the body as we grow and replenish. We essentially absorb what we eat and then add it to the structure that we call ourselves! Simple right? The only problem is that most people stop paying attention to this intricate life cycle at this point and ignore the process just as essential as eating… waste removal! As we replenish our dying cells to stay alive and well, the dead cells must be removed from the system and processed out of the body in one way or another. Even the waste created from cells that are alive and well must be removed from the body somehow too, or else our bodies become a toxic waste dump from the inside out! Not a pretty scene. Luckily our body does a really good job at removing these waste particles every day without thought, however the primary filtering systems of our Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys and Colon can become congested and backed-up by eating foods that are not in alignment with our optimal health. The excess waste is then stored in tissues, joints and fat layers causing inflammation and dis-ease and will continue to stock-pile as long as these important filters stay congested and under-functioning. GOOD NEWS: As we begin to pay attention to this vital, life-depending function more, we can clean the filters of the body and dramatically improve the quality of our health!… Beyond imagination!!! For example, as our liver becomes cleansed, accumulated toxins, parasites, layers of mucous and even growths like tumors can begin to be processed, released and fully eliminated from the body! Kind of a big deal, right? I think so! Here at Conscious Planet, we're dedicated to our personal health as well as the health of our friends and family, and as you are probably already aware, the products we create are aimed to do just that! The trick is in using them together as a team for the desired results. They are like superheroes being assembled to tackle an evil villain out to take over the world… okay, kind of dramatic but our bodies really are a world in their own and sometimes we really do need to call upon something quite super to help. TEAM PURIFY: Let me introduce to you the team of heroes that we've assembled to help you bring peace back to the lands of you… well that's if you are wanting to bring your body back into homeostasis and remove pesky disease symptoms so you can start thriving again! We call it the Purify Pack and it includes the following CP products: Genesis, Cleanse, Eliminate, Transcend, Colonyze, and Defend. Genesis is a synergistic blend of minerals, enzymes, amino acids, B vitamins and phytonutrients to fuel cellular function, and provide extraordinary support for your energetic and physical body. Cleanse is an ancient herbal combination for toning and cleansing the liver and gallbladder to optimize digestive and eliminative functions. It is very nourishing and soothing for the whole system, and tastes wonderful! Best used as part of the Gall Bladder & Liver Flush Program. Eliminate is a unique blend of herbs and superfood nutrients that will gently draw out toxins and eliminate waste from the intestinal track, and restore the bowel wall. Transcend is a nutrient dense, pH balancing vitamin and mineral greens formula to help start your day hydrated, oxygenated and supercharged for life! Colonyze™ contains a full balance of powerful probiotic bacteria, including 'warrior like' transient strains, to inhabit and support the entire intestinal system, protect the bowel wall, synthesize nutrients, and remove waste. Defend™ is a natural plant-derived anti-pathogen, and acts like a "trojan horse”, attacking parasites and pathogens from within. It is the ultimate support tool for fending off cravings and resetting the intestinal tract. DOING IT RIGHT: THE COMPLETE CP CLEANSE PROGRAM The Purify Pack is designed to support an intensive and complete cleanse, recommended twice per year, during spring and fall, (which is NOW) and has been compiled from the finest ingredients and processes used by the Essenes, master herbalists, naturopaths, colon therapists and healers around the globe. Click here for a link to the full program. The liver and gallbladder should be cleansed several times to increase its overall efficiency and at least once per year for maintenance. So if this is something that resonates with you, and having that "gut feeling" that a cleanse would do you good, check out our PURIFY PACK over in our store, which is currently on sale, special for Cleanse Month! We are also throwing in an extra bottle of Colonyze with each order while supplies last so don't hesitate for too long. You can thank us later :-)

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