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Conscious Planet is a PRIVATE ONLINE HEALTH CLUB providing exclusive products, free education and coaching to its MEMBERS.

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About Us

Our Story: "From Dying to Thriving”Conscious Planet was founded by Charles Holmes and Wind Walrath after over 25 years of searching and striving for the youthful health they had given up. They experienced an abundance of personal health challenges that seemed terribly daunting, but after passionately studying with some of the worlds top food and nutrition experts, and doing the work required, they both overcame what most would describe as life threatening disease symptoms, and now have a clear understanding of what it takes to go from dying to thriving! With a wholistic nutritional program, Charles managed to overcome debilitating allergies, digestive disorders, IBS and an ulcerated/bleeding colon that the doctors only solution was a colostomy (removal of damaged large intestine). He met Wind a few years later and together helped her overcome breast cancer by similar natural methods. It was then they realized the amazing self healing abilities of the body, and they developed the skills to help others overcome disease symptoms. Twenty-five years later Charles and Wind are healthier than ever! Our History with Hemp: In the year 2000, after years of searching for the ultimate food source for the human body, Charles and his father Ken discovered hemp seeds to be the optimal protein and good fat source. The Holmes family and "Living Harvest Foods" became pioneers in the hemp industry and produced the first hemp seed protein powder among other food products like hemp milk. The more they work with hemp, the more appreciation they gain for this super plant! After 10 years building and running Hempco - a hemp seed food processing company, the Holmes family took Hempco public to raise money for quick and larger growth and recently sold its majority interest to mega conglomerate - Aurora Cannabis. Charles in Hemp FieldCharles was heavily involved in the health food industry for over a decade which offered him inside information to all the suppliers, formulations and experts in the field. Mostly what he discovered was not truth about health and wellness, but marketing! Discouraged with the reception he received to deliver a complete rejuvenative product line and eating program to people through health food stores, he pulled some of the products from the shelves realizing this was not the ideal venue for optimal health. To fill the massive void that he found in health food stores, Conscious Planet was birthed. CP is still operating and growing today. Charles recently added to the Conscious Planet Line of products - the ingredient called: ASTRIGIN - which enhances nutrient absorption and many other benefits. Our pH Balancing Diet: Through attending many of the top health retreat centers Charles and Wind realized the highest health information and programs were similar in their approach, but no one had made it "do it yourself” yet. The CORE (Complete Optimal Regenerative Environment) Pro-Terrain Nutritional Program and 3 month Vision Quest (no sugar, pH balancing diet) makes optimal health simple and affordable. Even though it is the most difficult program, it creates the best long term results in all areas of life. Health can be reduced to these four simple activities: 1) Replenish the bodies natural resources for digestion, nutrient utilization, and waste removal and build up the immune system 2) Clean the body of all the built up toxins from food, environment and medications, and kill off the pathogenic bacteria to stop the pleomorphic/composting process. 3) Feed the body a pH balancing diet to stop feeding the pathogens! 4) Regenerate and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit through the CORE - Pro-terrain Nutritional Program and Conscious Planet product supplementation. Our Twelve Year Track Record: After 12 years with a solid track record, thousands of Conscious Planet members have now benefited from the products, information and programs offered! People with fatigue, diabetes, obesity, hormone problems, cancer, mental health issues, and many other disease symptoms have all found positive results as they plugged into the Conscious Planet program and have removed the mystery of the cause of disease. They have the ability to help pay it forward to the ones they love. Our Mission: Our mission at Conscious Planet is to support you to fuel your highest performance in all aspects of life. Whether you are a busy parent, creative entrepreneur, professional athlete, spiritual seeker, having health problems or just simply tired of feeling drained all the time, we are committed to helping you reclaim your youthful energy levels, vibrancy, strength, mental and physical health through our premier products and free enlightening education to help you understand: click here to watch: the Cause and Removal of Disease.

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